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New Book like a Child

Linda Hall from Hawkes Bay Today 2016 asked Mary-anne Scott some questions about her new book, Coming Home To Roost.

an unstable obsession

Once I discovered Geonet, New Zealand went from being a peaceful corner of the world to a couple of rocking, jolting, vulnerable islands. I imagined us being flipped like pancakes or mashed up like potatoes. Harmless gusts of wind became precursors to the big one.

It’s not that I’m afraid of Mice

As I unlocked the bach on a sizzling evening last week, I couldn’t have been happier; a week alone to write and read.

Your iCloud Storage is Full

Full is a term we’re all familiar with. I know when the fridge is full because when I shove in one more plate of leftovers — the olives spill down the back. And I know when my stomach is full because that last greedy slice of pizza forces me to sleep bolt upright all night. So I understand full. But how can the cloud be full? Has anyone checked? Is someone storing too much?

Manners Maketh the Man…

‘You’re in my seat.’ I looked up at a middle-aged man in a crisp pale blue shirt. His beady animal eyes, peered at me from behind wire-framed glasses and he frowned as if I’d taken his winter store of chestnuts.

Coming In Second

I was slow to wise up on the facts of life and Elizabeth kept me informed of approaching siblings right through to number nine.

Convalescence: The Fine Art

Perfect Parenting and Teenagers. You do your best but so many times it’s the teenagers that end up teaching the parents.

Johnny Depp Would Understand

And so, amidst the bustle of shoppers and trolleys, five years of study came to an end. The big brown envelope, which in my day, heralded the news had been replaced by a ‘ping.’

Is that my Chin?

Selfie. Snapchat.
Even the names are young and confident and smack of immediacy.

Songs about Books

I love it when someone tells me they’ve just heard a great song that I should learn. Nothing is more tempting than a peep at another person’s musical tastes or else a peep at what they believe are my musical tastes.


You know that all is well with the world when a man comes to clean your oven.

Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man

There’s only one thing I can write about this week, and that’s my father, Kevin Hayes Watson. He died just recently and although it wasn’t a shock, it’s always a shock.

Short and Sweet: Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction — fast, free, fun

New Year Intolerance

There’s always plenty of lenience for New Year hijinks…